About Us
Innovative and
ethical strategies.

We find creative
and practical
solutions to
whatever issues
our clients face.

We focus on our clients' needs and the unique qualities that each possesses. We don't act or think like a traditional law firm. Our innovative approach enables us to exceed our clients' expectations while helping them to achieve their goals with minimal expense. We pride ourselves in finding creative and practical solutions to whatever issues our clients face.

Our practice is based on the philosophy that people should spend less money on legal fees, so that more of their money can be reinvested into their businesses or spent on living life to its fullest. If you're looking for cookie-cutter lawyers who do not think outside of the proverbial box, then we're not your law firm.

While our law firm assists many clients with wide-ranging issues, our practice is concentrated on Real Estate, Mortgage Loan Relief, Business, Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation. With an office in Washington State, we service a diverse and growing client base. Whether forming a new business, avoiding foreclosure, buying or selling real estate, defending against or pursuing commercial litigation, registering or protecting intellectual property rights, leasing office space or utilizing any of the services within our Practice Areas, our clients receive personalized, practical and affordable service.

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